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      Main problems in China's foundry industry

      The main problems existing in China's foundry industry are: the average scale of foundry enterprises is too small, the degree of specialization is not high; the technology and equipment of foundry production are poor, the ability of independent innovation is weak; the quality of castings is not high; the environmental pollution is serious; and the consumption of energy and materials is high. Apart from the goal of casting power, our gap is not small.

      As a big energy country, China can't make an appearance in the foundry industry, which makes it difficult for the Foundry Department and relevant leaders to sleep and eat. At present, the state is actively supporting a number of potential exhibition companies to organize large-scale, powerful, high-quality foundry exhibitions, attracting foreign advanced equipment and technology in the field of foundry to domestic exchanges and share, so that domestic foundry enterprises can learn from others'advanced points through foundry exhibitions, and promote themselves. So as to enable the foundry enterprises in the whole country to grow and develop towards a powerful country.

      According to Deng Xiaohui, head of the Organizing Committee of the 6th China Tianjin International Foundry, Heat Treatment and Industrial Furnace Exhibition, hereinafter referred to as "Foundry Exhibition" and general manager of Tianjin Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd., China's foundry industry is still unable to fully produce some of the key industries urgently needed in China due to technical level and equipment conditions. Castings, especially some difficult and demanding castings. In order to change the current situation, it is necessary to increase the restructuring and structural adjustment of foundry enterprises, develop specialized production, further expand the scale of dominant enterprises, and improve the technology and equipment level of enterprises. It is necessary to increase investment in science and technology, establish R&D centers of enterprises, and implement the R&D system of combining industry, education and research to promote self-determination. Innovation; environmental protection and labor security must be taken as a major matter to grasp; energy consumption and raw material consumption must be reduced; casting professionals must be further trained, technical training of staff should be strengthened, and the technical and labor quality of workers in the whole industry should be improved.

      These constraints mentioned above are often difficult to solve and complete in a short time and within a single enterprise through the ability of some people. Deng Xiaohui, head of the Organizing Committee of the Sixth Foundry Exhibition, said: In order to achieve the grand goal of building a strong foundry country, we must work together to adjust the environment of the foundry industry in large areas through national regulation and control, transform the structural relationship between foundry enterprises through social forces, and train a group of skilled technicians to increase technology. Technology research and development, good communication and cooperation between enterprises, so that the difficulties encountered by individual enterprises can be solved in the foundry industry, so that the bottleneck of the foundry industry through the differentiation of all enterprises. At present, the role of industry exhibitions is very important in the world. The exhibition will soon provide a platform for cooperation and exchange, and it will also provide a comprehensive platform for enterprises in the industry to integrate into the industry, enterprises into the industry, and countries into the international community, thus greatly reducing the risks faced by individual enterprises and helping them out of the predicament.

      History and reality have proved again and again that the Chinese nation is a self reliant, self reliant and unwilling ethnic group. Our foundry workers can also make creative contributions to the revitalization of the industry with wisdom and sweat. China will certainly become a powerful foundry country.